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I follow back, always.


I follow back, always.

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The useless emotions that dirty my heart is covered with dust
If I get out of here, there’s death
Because I disliked the unfamiliar happiness more than the familiar sadness, I threw away my footsteps.



EPIK HIGH 2003 - 2013


I opened the door and within a second I became petrified. “No! Impossible, it’s not real, I’m not real…I’m dying, I’m dead” is what I said. Something dropped inside of me like a heavy hacky sack. I felt as if I was eroding away into the air who has no destiny. Hope and faith were forever gone.

- airamtumbles  

Even if no one recognises me, I’m still here. If there’s at least one person who can feel me, say yeah. I’m livin’, I’m breathin’, still dreamin’, trippin, keep dribblin’ my thoughts. We stay fly, we stay high, we still here.

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